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Grafix-Trade is a modern factory for construction products. It is the first factory of its kind for construction products in the area of Gostivar. With its manufacturing activity, Grafix-Trade promotes quality in creative development and effectively contributes in decreasing the unemployment rate in this area.

History of development

Grafix-Trade was established in the year 2000. Its business activity starts from 2003, and establishing a permanent production from the year 2004.
In its primary phase, Grafix-Trade’s manufacturing program is composed of modern construction products with mineral basis, in the form of dry mixtures.
The following phase, the manufacturing program is enriched with new modern construction products with polymer/copolymer water dispersion, ending by the year 2004.
The following years witness an immense continuation of manufacturing activity based on previous program, gradually gaining territory in local and regional market, with the quality of its products based on ISO 9001 Standard.

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